Cathedral Building

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Why “Cathedral Building”?

The following is a story printed in the City Year Idealist Handbook 2007-2008, adapted from The Cathedral Within by Bill Shore.

There once was a traveler who journeyed all over the globe in search of wisdom and enlightenment.  In the midst of one village, he came upon a great deal of noise, dust, and commotion.  He approached the nearest laborer and asked, “Excuse me, I’m not from this village.  May I ask what’s going on here?”  The laborer replied curtly, “Can’t you see? I’m busting rocks.”

The traveler approached a second laborer doing the same thing and asked the same question.  The second laborer replied, “Can’t you see?  I’m earning a living to support my family.”

The traveler then approached a third laborer who was also breaking up rocks and posed the question a third time.  With a broad smile and a gleam in his eye, the third laborer replied with great pride: “Can’t you see?  We’re building a cathedral.”