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Lessons to Use, Modify, Share

This is where I’ll be posting links to PDFs and editable Google Docs of lesson plans and homemade reproducable resources that I’ve used in my classrooms.  All I ask is that you let me know how using them went, how you and I might improve them, and to share and share alike.  (Is that the phrase?  “Share and share alike?”)

Why both static and editable versions?  Google docs automatically saves your changes to any document, which is great for when you forget to ctrl+s and the computer phrases, but not always useful for community documents that are open to the world.  This way you have an original to reference, whereas the editable version may well have seen every edit under the sun.  If you edit the document and save a new version for yourself, I would love to link to your version and give you credit so that everyone can see the possibilities.

Resource: Today I Feel  .pub file

Grade: K-2nd, tested with 1st

A worksheet that allows students to familiarize themselves with vocabulary about moods and feelings, and to draw appropriate related facial expressions.  It’s best to allow students some kind of access to a mirror for solo work, which I learned the hard way.

Strengths: Good for use with students who need some extra help in social skills (this was used as part of a lesson in a Special Education-integrated classroom).

Weaknesses: Should definitely be used along with reinforcement of the emotions listed, either through stories or discussion.  Because there’s such a wide range of emotions it might be best for me to edit this so that students can write in their own rather than cutting and pasting.  Also, the teacher’s aide grading these thought that students had to fill in the blank on the title for full credit, an unexpected snag.

Lesson: Newspapers in the ClassroomStatic   Editable

Grade: various

More a set of lessons or the pieces of a unit than one lesson plan, this is a highly modifiable set of activities for incorporating newspapers as a teaching tool across multiple subjects.

Strengths: Usable across a range of subjects and grade levels; includes modification for STEM.

Weaknesses:  Needs some more extensive work on differentiation.