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Never flee the state before you finish your paperwork.

Finally got on the phone with the woman in the teacher certification office at my college.  Apparently there was a piece I have to do on my own, an account thing online, because everything is done digitally now, before I CAN fill out my paperwork.  

(Embarrassed admission: this whole process has been incredibly confusing for me and at one point made me doubt my ability to teach.)

Thank you oh alma mater for helping me through the process.  When it comes to this, their largest program, I say “The Personal College my foot.” If you are becoming a teacher anytime soon, never, ever trust your program to give you all the information you need.  That is not to say that they won’t, and that they are bad programs — it’s just important to be your own biggest advocate.

So anyway I’m not the most savvy creature when it comes to certain online systems, but once I do this, I can call her up and set up an appointment back in NY during the week sometime to sit down and fill things out, and aside from the fingerprinting workshop, the only two pieces I’m missing can be done entirely online.

Then, then I’ll have my actual certification.  And then I can try for a job a ways southward where I think there are still some left if you don’t mind avoiding certain colors and are not terrified by the remote possibility (remote!) of being stabbed.  To that climate I say: taught there, dealt with that.  Those are students that need a safe space and I am ready.

(But darnit, I wish I’d had the foresight to study Spanish instead of French and Japanese so I could work in Holyoke.)

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