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A Kickstarter project to create a pro-math, pro-science, pro-literature adventure novel that is for and about girls. It chronicles the detective agency of 11 year-old Ada (the world’s first computer programmer) and her friend Mary (the world’s first sci-fi author). They use their brains and their education to solve problems, just like real women do.

As the creator says, “If Jane Austen wrote about zeppelins and brass goggles, this would be the book.”

This is a project we can all get behind. Check it out, and support it!

(via Airship Ambassador — Kickstarter)

They’ve reached their goal — I’m mostly posting because this is a book I wish I could have had when I was a little girl who loved math and science and reading (and occasionally history).  There wasn’t a lot of sci-fi available for me at the time (pre-internet, where those who dictated what went into the libraries told me that science fiction wasn’t real reading).  Instead I devoured biographies of scientists in general and outstanding women particularly, adventure and mystery stories with female protagonists, and occasional fantastic stories that barely had any women at all, but got my mind working. They were all great books, but it would have been lovely to have some literature that left me with big thoughts that were less grounded and more driven by imagination, with characters who looked like me in the driver’s seat.

So yes…this is going to exist, and I am excited.

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