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Call for stories from anyone 25 or younger: "My Story Is Out"

Publishing Syndicate is seeking submissions for its newest anthology series: My Story is Out: High School Years. This groundbreaking anthology, created by LGBT young adult author Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, will be a collection of personal real-life stories about surviving high school as an LGBT teen and coming out on the other side.

We are looking for humorous, heart-warming, wistful and inspiring stories written bystraight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals 25 years old and younger.

For instance, you can submit a story of how you turned a tragedy into a triumph, or a lesson-learned story from the struggles you have endured being a LGBT teen. Remember, your story must be about your personal experience—a story that will touch the hearts, lives and souls of LGBT teens all over the world.

Click for more information, including guidelines for submission.  The deadline is open until they have enough material.  I wracked my brain over this and personally have nothing, but knew I had to put it out to all of you as well! This is a great opportunity for your students — or, if you’re within the age limit, to consider as a teacher, activist, or hey, general human being with any relevant experiences. 

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