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didnt read! it was to long! (thats what she said)!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to nod my head at the fact that it might have been a wall of text.  May be the only time I do this.

Tl;dr highlights:

  • Students can always be encouraged to look at education options that suit their interests so that they can go into the hands-on field afterward if they want to, but still have other options open to them.
  • Students should receive proper career counseling so that they know what their options are.
  • Teachers should ask students why they want to go into a field or career and encourage them to look at all their options, but never openly deride and disrespect a student’s choices.
  • College is important and leads to better outcomes in general, but is not the only route to a good future.
  • Respect needs to be paid to all professions — we need hairdressers AND engineers.

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