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  1. charleslollar said: Nixon mask
  2. praxisofmissclark said: do it in the dark or behind a piece or art or something. More audio then video I guess :)
  3. itsssnix said: DO IT.
  4. teachinginthemiddle said: i thought about a sock puppet, but i was fresh out so i went with my knee & blanket instead :)
  5. thinkbrit said: Do a VoiceThread! No face, just talk. :)
  6. shapefutures reblogged this from positivelypersistentteach and added:
    I want to see this. I want to see PPT make an #education video with a sock puppet. Ah, darn, actually I have to consider...
  7. wincherella said: I hear you. I kind of feel that way too.
  8. bethechangeyouwantedu said: Didn’t you voice record before? That would be equally as good. I hope you do one!
  9. classroomchaos said: I feel the SAME way, though your sock puppet idea is a good one. YOU. SHOULD. DO. IT.
  10. jbizzle329 said: lhuddles did her’s and didn’t show her face. She just did her afghan and feet. Kinda funny.
  11. jo4love said: +1 for sock puppet! Or you could do a hoodie and a scarf.
  12. everydayramny said: Aww, I’ve been so curious to know what you look like! I’ll do one later today too, after I get a haircut. Haha
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