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I’m glad I don’t have a GP, because they would likely kill me out of sheer frustration.

Today I continued on like usual, scraping up my legs trying to attach one end of a string to a stubby tree branch.  The other end was attached to a bucket.

I got up the darned tree.

Later?  Three different kids climbed the tree and used the bucket to hoist up books and art supplies.  It makes kids in the program who otherwise cannot sit still for long enough to try to read, because it strikes them as boring, want to curl up with a story.  A couple of kids were for one reason or another unable to climb the tree…so they sat under it or on the grass to join them, in a way.

And on top of that, I have apparently amassed a small team of kids who are insistent that they teach me how to climb a tree properly, because I embarrass them when they come outside and find me hanging stuck from the same branches like a sloth for the first two (or…five…) tries.

Worth it all.

Tonight I sit and start a comic about being a teacher.

Monday I…get my back checked out like a good girl.

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