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“For Teachers When They Feel Like Giving Up”

This whole thing was spurred by an absolutely beautiful post by PositivelyPersistentTeach about her first grade teacher, a supportive letter to the #education community when a lot of people were having hard times.  So if you like this, you should definitely go read that, because it made me realize with renewed hope that working with kids is what I want to do.

(I don’t know why, but not all of the pages seem to be showing up; if that keeps happening drop me a message in my ask and I’ll see what I can do about it.)

I may make this a (small) copybook that can be purchased at MoCCA.

Portfolio blog here

Jone Ekoh’s other major comic project here

Studio blog here

So here’s the thing…when I made this I was so nervous about how it might be received that I put it on my personal/art blog, thinking that maybe the few teachers who watch me there might give it a nod or a no and then I would figure out what to do from there.

And then this happened.

So.  Um.  If people are interested, I’ll be making this into a copy book, which I’ll see if I can make available here — I might have to do it through the studio site for the sake of organization and things, I might have to charge like, a dollar, to cover printing costs and whatnot, sorry, sorry, I wish I could do it for free but I’m just making all my financial necessaries right now — and it was suggested that it be a poster, so if anyone wants that I can figure that out…

I’m a bit overwhelmed here.

Just so you know…I cried when I wrote it, partly from sheer relief.  I cried a little when I reread it for editing.  And I’m so glad that it touched other people in the way I hoped it might, because what I really wanted was to give other people who sometimes feel that way so many of us were feeling a little bit of hope, a little push back up.  I’m really so glad that it did that for some people.  Thank you.

(via positivelypersistentteach)

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