Cathedral Building

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  1. brissa4life answered: color
  2. mrsjdr answered: I’d love a poster, b&w, horizontally the way you had it. Booklet is great, too!
  3. eleonorafrog13 answered: I think as a poster it looked great the way you have it on Tumblr. I’d want it as a poster, probably but a booklet would be awesome too tho
  4. segredo-dos-teus-olhos answered: hmm do not know
  5. hisnamewasbeanni answered: I’d quite like the original B&W, and either original format, or straight down vertically.
  6. dont-forget-leorio answered: black and white, grid, and yes i would love a little booklet.
  7. allisonunsupervised answered: Booklet: definitely. Poster: any way you want to do it. :)
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