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How do I explain this in a cover letter?

I kept protective goggles in my desk so I could always make our first graders psyched about science.

When one of my program participants doesn’t know what they want at the library I help them find something based on their interests.  And my remembering their interests from basic conversations means twice as many of them want to come find books.

My teaching wardrobe includes a lab coat, a kimono, and costumes from three different children’s books and one classic series.

Students have helped me learn how to climb trees, dance to Solja Boy, and do handstands, because it was something that made them excited. 

Over the past several years we’ve made paper, seed pots, comic books, fanfiction, rainforest sounds, faces, pen pals, support groups, maps, and mold.

And I wish I had data to show for it, but I don’t have a way to measure this in numbers.

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