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hisnamewasbeanni asked: Have you come across schools that require their teachers to sign "lifestyle agreements"? I was faced with a couple last year when graduating. I withdrew my expressions of interest from those ones, but unfortunately it's not a particularly uncommon thing here; I was curious how prevalent it is elsewhere?

Not yet!  Skin crawls a bit at the thought. 

To be fair, I’ve spent more time so far formally employed with alternative or afterschool programs — and I also avoid certain sorts of schools altogether.  If it’s affiliated with certain religions I avoid it.  If there’s an emphasis on teaching “traditional values” I avoid it.  I dislike doing that, on feeling like I’m being discriminatory, but so much of it is a matter of self-preservation. Hugs for you for withdrawing from those.

Has anyone in the states seen these “lifestyle agreements”?  What about elsewhere?

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