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Today was productive.

  • One of the older students wrote me a beautiful letter for Mothers’ Day. I cried when she wasn’t looking — if the middle school boys saw me crying I think I’d lose any rep I have with them at all 5’2” of me.
  • The money earned for the program from the first few comic sales allowed other staff member to take a group of kids down to the Farmer’s Market, where some of them picked up what I think were either flowers-to-be for home or vegetable-plants-to-be for the program.
  • While they were away I had a long conversation with a teen who stayed behind about a situation involving bullying, suicidal thoughts, and resulting issues with her father.  Part of it was resolved by the end of the day.
  • Staff member returned and told me I was taking them next time.  Still haven’t gotten the details on that.
  • New teen tested macaroni done-ness for mac and cheese by throwing a piece at the wall and couldn’t figure out why I was totally and utterly flabbergasted. 
  • H nearly put his fist through the kitchen door.  I approached the other staff at the end of the day hesitantly about possibly running an anger management group once a week and was told “YES. YES. DO THAT.  DO IT.  WHENEVER YOU WANT TO START.”
  • Had wine with friends and went home, where Colleen watched me stumble through a homemade pudding recipe (which was delicious) and, when I started to recount the macaroni story, interjected - “Throw it at the wall?”  Apparently this…is something people do as a normal thing.

This is partly an update and partly a reminder to myself later of things I need to write full bits about later.

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