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I tried ordering some “safe space kits” for my school for the GSA we’re going to start next year, and there was an error on GLSEN’s site, and I couldn’t get any for my school.


This isn’t a safe space kit BUT, if you haven’t hooked up with these folks already, they may be able to supply you with some resources:

I would give it a shot — if nothing else, even if they don’t have physical kits for you, they have a statewide network listing to sign up with and may be able to offer school trainings.  The local organization on Long Island was absolutely great that way and served as a valuable liaison, role model, and educator to GSAs.

Or you might have found it already.  Or (I’m hoping I didn’t make THIS big a faux-pas) they may not even be the right state.  But I think I remembered right.

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