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Tuesday: Evening ends with cleaning up after one of our high school kids got physically ill in the bathroom.

Wednesday: Program is closed because lead staff (well, the other staff member) is now sick with whatever that student had. 

Thursday: We include a message on our little schedule whiteboard that both staff are feeling sick so to help us out by keeping one another responsible and positive.  Student is fine.  We are both not.

Friday, early: …I had to call out.  Which I feel horrifically guilty for because I was supposed to start some anger management work with some of the kids today, and run cooking because the co-op lady is on vacation, and…I could have handled BEING there (though the thought of working in the kitchen made me ill in itself, so maybe I couldn’t) but the hour drive wasn’t happening.  Guilty, guilty, guilty…

Friday, late: Other staff member (lead staff, supervisor, what-have-you) texted me to let me know that program went well and that our newly junior staff member stepped up to plate, to stop worrying, and to feel better.

My boss is really great.

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