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Things to do tomorrow (for the kids):

  • Draft out a version of the abs challenge that starts tomorrow and is appropriate for middle and high schoolers
  • Make a poster about the difference between healthy living and dangerous dieting
  • Figure out what to do for Art Studio instruction since no one’s really been all that interested when they could be playing ball on the porch instead (…why, why does my supervisor keep scheduling those things at the same time?)
  • Look up prices for bulk or wholesale lot artist dummies on ebay
  • Put in an order for more art pens - no XS this time, they pretty much instantly destroyed those
  • Test out a “Month Goal” worksheet to go with the weekly goals we’ve been having kids put on the white board, which has gotten pretty popular and tells a lot about their troubles, hopes, and priorities (i.e., “I won’t throw rocks at my dad’s house.”)

My supervisor said we needed to start being more task-oriented and plan ahead of time.  They want me to start doing more programmatic planning.  But they…make up the day’s schedule that day, half the time on the fly as we’re writing the schedule down for the kids.  So it’s a bit of a constant struggle with this do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do thing — but it’s two different worlds, the programmatic and the day-to-day, so I guess it works out.

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