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Super. Super. Awkward.:

Sitting doing coloring and doodle pages with your kids

and ending up in the middle of a conversation about how much they hate Obama, in the words of the younger of the two (it was an 8-year-old and a 17-year-old) for being “stupid,” “ugly,” and “weird.”

I asked the younger of the two if that was a) the way we talked about people here, and b) a good reason to dislike a president.  Their response:

"Well I’m sorry, he is! …no, I’m sorry.  But he just does a bad job.  I miss Bush."

Then they said EVERYBODY thinks he’s doing a bad job and I cleared my throat.  The older of the two amended, “Well, not everybody,” and continued from there.  At least I’m glad that I didn’t make them feel too uncomfortable to continue…discussing it, if it could be called a discussion.

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