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  1. andrieli-lopes answered: nao!
  2. tomes-away answered: I keep notes from old students taped inside my closet door, so that when I need a break, I just step inside, read 1 or 2, and feel better.
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    The obvious: notes and pictures from current/past students that are especially heartwarming. Pictures of my family...
  4. allisonunsupervised answered: My bulletin board full of student photos/letters/drawings, personal things like my race bibs, and a pin sent to me by a retired tumblr tchr
  5. coloursinaflower answered: I have a picture of Maxwell Smart and the Chief under the Cone of Silence. It’s from my best friend. It makes me smile when I bite my tongue.
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    I didn’t last year, but this year I’ve made a painting with a favorite expression on it to keep by my desk.
  7. notajournalist answered: I have pictures of my dogs, family, and friends on my desk. I also laminated little notes left for me by students.
  8. hithertokt answered: A teacher/my friend from my internship school made me a “Keep Calm and Have a Cakepop” poster, because cakepops were our “thing” together.
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