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TDD: Do you provide pencils for your students? If so, how?


I know this seems like a silly question, but:

  1. Continually buying pencils is expensive, man;
  2. so it’s best to have a way to keep them in the classroom
  3. and I saw some pretty neat methods when I was a substitute.

When I was working in a second-grade class in Little Rock, they seemed to have the best method I’ve seen yet.  There was a bucket in the middle of every table for students’ folders, for common worksheets, and for pencils/scissors/glue sticks. 

Either the school or the teacher bought the pencils in a bulk box — I’m not sure who supplied them specifically — in the solid yellow.  Each morning before school started, and during recess, the batch of pencils at the desk would be sharpened, replenished, or replaced.  If a student wanted to bring or use a special pencil (usually ones earned from the principal by doing good deeds), they needed to keep it in their seat sack, not in the bucket.

Pencils rarely went missing, and because they were all common property and looked the same none of the students fought over whose was whose.  They shared them all.  It was beautiful.

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    I like this too. I am going to try it in September as I am tired of the students not having any pencils and stealing...
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    great idea! golf pencils are now on my list of school stuff to get!!
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    I was told a story when I was completing my degree that the teacher lecturing would lend pencils to his students but ask...
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    I’ve used mini golf pencils for over a year. Students don’t like them, so they put more effort in to bringing their own...
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    My 2nd supervising teacher did this (i taught under her for math only) and the only way this works is if you DONT...
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    Next year I’m using golf pencils. They’re super cheap. They’re also a pain in the ass to use, so you get to reinforce...
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    I will be trying these ideas next year.
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    Troll the halls at the end of the day. You’d be amazed how many pencils the janitors sweep up. This constitutes a large...
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    Sounds like fun!
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    Yes, I do. I tried to offset the cost of lost pencils by buying some of the large novelty pencils at Target (yay dollar...
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