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The problem with there being so much time in between my last practicum and student teaching is that I get jitters about thinking of stepping into a classroom and taking over.

I know once I get in there and get going and see how things work I’ll be fine. But it’s the next two and a half months-ish until then that I have to be jittery whenever I think about it.

At least this summer I’m finally able to have a job (no place has been willing to hire me for just as summer position before, which was all I was previously around for), plus I’m hoping to get back involved with my local scout troop again.

Question for anyone: did you also work a job while you student taught? Was it difficult to manage both? I’m hoping to work at Pizza Hut while I student teach, for gas money and to hopefully stay off my parent’s budget (who are letting me live at home, generous and, in my mother’s case, clingy people that they are), but I’m worried that I’ll have problems keeping both in balance.


During my first student teaching experience I actually had a job through my school’s work-study program as a computer lab attendant.  It worked out fairly well, because most of it was downtime sitting in front of a computer where I could do research and write lesson plans (which was more productive than in the Summer when I admittedly got sucked into that whole Farmville thing).

Do you have the opportunity to find a job behind a desk where if nothing else you could jot notes on a notepad when the day got slow?  Or, are there any job opportunities around that would add to your resume and experience as someone who wants to work with kids and music? 

If the answer to that is no, I would just be careful balancing your energy.  Test it out.  Find something you could do for a week — even if it’s a task you give yourself, like gardening or cleaning your house or running errands, etc. etc. — for the amount of hours you’re considering working while you student-teach, and see how you feel.  If you feel tired, it might be a better idea to reconsider, or to even find something per-diem or freelance like tutoring that will take less time than a regular part-time job.

I will say, though, that I know some people who made it work, amazing as they were, so it’s by no means impossible.  But they would tell you that it made them absolutely exhausted, rushed, and stressed, near constantly.

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    During my first student teaching experience I actually had a job through my school’s work-study program as a computer...
  2. kls987 answered: There was no way I could have worked while student teaching. I spent every available moment planning or grading or whatever.
  3. pleasantlyodd answered: I worked through my student teaching. I worked about 12-15 hours a week at the dining hall. Worked out for me :)
  4. teachinginthemiddle answered: from what i know of my friends who worked while student teaching, its really really hard.
  5. music-teacher-in-training said: Just make sure you are still able to get plenty of sleep so you don’t get burned out, and be sure your school is okay with you working while student teaching (we needed to get ours cleared… working was strongly discouraged)
  6. music-teacher-in-training answered: Don’t forget that student teaching is a full-time job itself that comes with full-time school work, but having part-time job isn’t impossible
  7. amateuradulthood answered: It’ll probably cut out nearly all of your free time, but I don’t think it’s impossible. Specify up front what days you prefer though
  8. theworldspins-madlyon said: Definitely doable as long as you keep on top of both. And remember to sleep!
  9. theworldspins-madlyon answered: I still have another year before I student teach but one of my friends held a job/student taught. Its just a matter of time management.
  10. allisonunsupervised answered: Frankly, I think you’re right to be concerned. How many hours do you think you’d work?
  11. youcancallmerob answered: I plan on working when I student teach this fall but I’m nervous about burning out…
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