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The pigeon is our temporary guest.

We got in touch with a special Lost and Found Pigeon Hotline for the CMC today, and will be contacted by the gentleman who may or may not own the bird that may or may not be missing and may or may not be his but to whom the tag is attributed — if I read it right.

Within three days.

And if we are not, we should call back.

So I spent my morning constructing a temporary cage with two cardboard shipping boxes, duct tape, and a box cutter.  The cage resembles some horrible mash-up between a dog’s training crate and a “Three Rs” art experiment.

Depending on who you ask the pigeon is a pet/is going to animal control/ has a broken leg/has a broken wing/belongs to someone rich/is from NY like [me] and is named Yellow/Kinky Clarence/Spongebob/Sparkles/Bob.

Somewhere there may or may not also now be video of either myself or our cooking class instructor trying to follow him nearly on our hands and knees around the program space to coax/catch him and get him into his temporary abode.

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