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dont-forget-leorio asked: i have a question regarding your last post you reblogged about equitable environments for lgbt kids. specifically about having explicit safe places for lgbt students. i just want to know WHY that is a good idea? as a gay kid, i found that these 'explicit safe places' just caused a bigger division between people. i always found it much more beneficial to be among everyone else (both for me and for the other students). i just want to know why these spaces are percieved as a good thing. curiosity.

To me an explicit safe space for LGBTQ kids is not necessarily a separate meeting ground.  Rather, all spaces should be explicitly safe for LGBTQ kids.

Explicitly safe is different from a general safe space in that many people could take a training, put a sticker on the door, and be a passively “safe space.” In an explicitly safe space the person at the head of the room not only actively stands up against anti-LGBTQ sentiments and bullying, but proactively includes those students or families in representation and discussion.  They offer a structure that includes LGBTQ students rather than just defending them.  (That is not to say anything negative, of course, about the traditional Safe Space based on anti-bullying, acceptance, and a ready ear.)

So, I think that explicit is more about being proactive and including LGBTQ students among everyone else, in every sense of the word, not about creating a separate space specifically.

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