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Ta-da! This is a my new classroom management consequence ladder tracking chart that I’m going to implement this year for my 8th graders!  I’m adapting to it because one big problem that I ran into in my classroom management last year was that my students would instantly shut down once they received a writing assignment as a consequence.  This new method enables the student the power to correct their behavior and move out of the negative consequences and back into positive ones by the end of the class period; actually encouraging them to correct their behavior!

Now just 6 more to make and a ton a clothespins to buy!

Comments? Questions?

uh I have so many extra clip boards that I should consider doing this

I beg all teachers who use writing as a consequence for negative behavior to think that through, and then stop it. 

I second this emotion.

What kind of “writing assignment” is it?  If it’s something contextually relevant and not just punishment, is there something else to call it?

The closest I’ve come personally to assigning writing is making a student write a letter of apology.  It’s in our take-one bucket for negative consequences as “Apology Letter.”  I’ve also seen some interesting consequence sheets in some of the schools I’ve worked at where the student has to write what they did, why it was a bad decision, and what they think they could have done instead.  I’m assuming those are for use in supervised situations where the teacher or whoever was directly involved isn’t available to talk it over — a main office, detention, etc. — which, on one hand, might offer interesting insight into the student’s view of the situation if it’s given to the teacher later, but on the other hand, if no one is talking it through with the student, might not necessarily help them learn anything or change whatever behavior led to it in the first place.

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    Somehow I don’t think this will have the same effect with my high school kids…
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    Another option: create a rewards/point system where kids can earn points for bags of chips, get out of homework cards,...
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    Okay, so I see this and I like it but how does the system work? Please and thank you! :-)