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Cartoons with mental health issues.



Absolutely not.

Mental health issues are complex and not this simply defined.  A small paragraph does not neatly sum up a mental health issue, and onedefinitelycannot just project a disorder onto a cartoon character with personality traits that seem vaguely similar and expect that to be either informative, remotely accurate, or cute.

The diagnostic criteria for a single mental health issue include lists and conditions and even with the more thorough diagnostic information one person’s symptoms can be difficult to fit into a diagnosis.   

I don’t know what was initially intended by these cartoons.  If it was supposed to be for education’s sake, they’re incredibly misleading and misled.  If it was supposed to be funny or cute, it’s doing so by minimizing the seriousness and the reality behind mental health disorders. 

This is about as coherent as I can get right now in addressing this, because the nature both of the information presented and the simplicity of the overlay with popular characters gives me such a very negative reaction.  If anyone else wants to tackle this more coherently please be my guest.

EDIT: It seems someone else did a good partial take-down here on the source site.  It’s good to know that other people are also paying attention and speaking up about erroneous and casual misrepresentation of mental health issues.

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    This perfectly articulates why those “lol all the Winnie Pooh characters represent mental disorders!” posts bother me.
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    I have worked with a number of children with mental health issues, in my regular grade 6 classroom. To equate this...
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    In studying the DSM and knowing some of these cartoons, I will have to say that the only one they got right was Eeyore....
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    This shit is right up my ally
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