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    There really isn’t anything I learned (or am learning) on my own that I wish someone in some class had told me about....
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    Like everyone is saying, my special ed class DID introduce me to the various learning disorders and resources to help...
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    My special ed class was a joke. It was mostly about a spectrum of special ed diagnoses, but there was nothing tangible...
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    I wish I had better instruction on best practices in teaching math.
  7. tomes-away said: I didn’t take education classes, but I wish there was a way to learn if people LIKED kids before they became classroom teachers. So often, they don’t, and it causes trouble. The classroom shouldn’t just be a stepping stone to a “better” job later on.
  8. teachinginthemiddle said: how to deal with other teachers—when you have to co-teach (not student teaching) and especially when you differ in views about teaching
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    I would have to say one thing I learned is that a classroom management plan needs to be flexible. I was trying to...
  10. hithertokt said: Being relaxed, flexible, and willing to laugh and allow moments of play are worth their weight in classroom management gold.
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