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This could be self-evaluation or it could also be sleep deprevation.

After a 22-hour straight shift at my program — we had our summer sleepover last night — which involved:

 - 20 hours spent with the kids

- two incidents of police cars at our curb, neither of which involved our kids at fault and one of which came after an hour of mass hysteria and trying to keep kids calm and also trying to avoid my own sleep-deprivation-encouraged panic triggers

- making a stack of sixty silver-dollar pancakes solo with one large saucepan, one small sauce pan, a box of Aunt Jemima and (at my supervisor’s insistence) the remainder of a bottle of vegetable oil

- cobbling together a hand-drawn pin-the-tail-on-the-Gary (yes, the Spongebob snail) in twenty minutes while the supervisor ran another sort-of-whole-group activity because we didn’t actually have enough set-up time between close and reopening

- an unintentional hour-long nap at a parking area on the way home

I am looking back at the experiences I’ve had with this program, and with other programs, and trying to pick out what to elaborate on or write out as how-to or tie together as something useful for the folks at home (so-to-speak) on the receiving end of this blog.

The sleep deprivation part is not helping.  Granted, I’ve had another nap since then.

So if anyone has any questions, any suggestions, anything they want to see more of or know anything about, please by all means pass me a message or a fanmail or whatnot and I would be more than happy to oblige.  I like to be useful and part of the community.

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