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paeacefuleyes asked: TDD Truth- As someone with a psychology and education background, what are your big life plans? (I have a similar background and am working on developing my own big life plans) Dare- Respond to a post in pig latin! :)

Right now I’m trying to be as flexible and open with my big life plans as possible, pieces of which don’t have anything to do with my education or career.  (Also, yaaaay similar background buddies!)  My professional plans might involve getting a classroom teaching position or an interventionist position — I would love to get an interventionist position. It could mean getting more education and becoming a social worker or counselor.  Originally I said that if I did the latter it would be either for kids or veterans, but with some of the issues my kids have brought to me at my current program, I think if I went the counseling route I would do so to serve veterans, probably through a VA hospital.  (It isn’t that I can’t stomach some of the issues so much that it sometimes feels like the only way to make things better is to remove them from their situation entirely.  And that’s not always plausible OR the best option.)  I’ve also always found educational psychology very interesting, and would find that research field fascinating.

Then, I mean…I want to adopt from the foster system.  I also really, really want a partner to spend my life with, which isn’t something you say on the first date.  That one isn’t a priority for me right now so much as something I’d like eventually.

So I guess life plans are: change the world, be a parent, find someone to do all that with.

Oh, and learn more.  If I had unlimited funds I’d take so many courses, just for the sake of taking them.  I didn’t realize I love psychology at my first college (I transferred; the educational environment there was wrong for me), and as it turns out they have an AMAZING set of undergraduate neurobio courses, and since I’m certainly not at the level for graduate coursework in that in particular I guess a silly dream would be to take the whole gamut of undergrad over there.

What are YOUR plans?

Dare: So taking this one.  Just not for this post because it would have been so difficult to read!  And now everyone will know why I will randomly be writing in pig latin…

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