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Sorry for the absence. It’s been a weird few days.

Lack of sleep.  Lots of driving. A gift to myself that involved more driving and even less sleep.

More rejections from more jobs.

Lots of crying.  Sometimes it’s spontaneous, sometimes it’s spurred.  We stopped off at a Target on the way home on an adventure and the teaching supplies in the dollar bins set me off. 

Tomorrow there’s going to be a showing of my apartment.  I need to be out the door by 4:30 in the morning to get to the program space in time for a field trip we’re taking to Maine with our older kids.  We won’t get back until 6:30pm, which means I’ll be home just before 8pm.  Then the week continues on as normal. 

I need to pack up all my things during the week.  My parents are coming out on Saturday with a friend’s van, to take everything and store it in the attic back in NY.  They’re also taking my cat.

The internet is in the housemate’s name and she’s moving out of state, so that will be shut off Thursday.

Next Wednesday the lease is up.  I’ll be living on a friend’s couch for a couple of days to finish out the summer with my kids.  Next week the supervisor took the week to have time for important personal things before the school year starts.  So I’ll be spending the last week with a stranger that I still don’t know whether I’m supervising or calling my supervisor, and then moving back to my family’s house.

I feel bad just dropping off like I did.  I have asks to answer and jokes to get in on and a community to be part of.  I also need to fill out more job applications and “keep my chin up” and all that, but this week is already proving to be difficult for any of that.

Sorry for disappearing.  I’ll be back when I can get it together.  It should only be about a week or so, I’m guessing.  I’ll be around for any emergencies, if you need to ask me something urgent or important, etc.  I owe a response in pig latin, which hisnamewasbeanni so kindly asked a question for that will require lots of text.  I shake my fist at him and accept his challenge.

But yeah, I’m here.  If you need me, I’m still here.

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