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that echo chorus lied to me: So I was working away at lesson planning the other day, when a rather perplexing thought bubbled out of my subconscious



What the f*** would Miss Frizzle’s lesson plans even look like?

Like, what would the content objectives be?

  • “Students will be able to recognize the different steps of the food chain through shrinking down to the size of microbes and witnessing photosynthesis firsthand.”
  • “Students will be able to recall the names of all the planets of the solar system after travelling from Earth to Pluto in a scientifically impossible short length of time.”
  • “Students will write a full-page report on the workings of the human digestive system after being nearly s*** out of their classmate’s bootyhole.”

And I don’t even wanna think about how the school board found the budget to incorporate a f****** nigh-omnipotent transportation vehicle.

Well, the bus seemed sentient, didn’t it? They probably just replaced a science teacher in the budget to have the bus. And then the rest was donated by the Gates Foundation.

What they don’t show on TV are the reports Ms. Frizzle had to fill out every week for the NSF about the learning outcomes her students were demonstrating.

Also, did the district have to approve new permission slips for the school to use? What would they even look like? 

I, _________________, understand that my child is attending this field trip to outer space and may come within a dangerous proximity to the sun. By signing below, I affirm that any harm or disintegration of my child that comes about is not the responsibility of the school nor the school district.

I love you all.

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    I love you all.
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    I’ve thought of two possibilities for this: 1. Miss Frizzle is a Time Lord, and the bus is her TARDIS. She simply took a...
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  20. janglingargot said: Oh, Miss Frizzle already owned the bus. She’s a Time Lady, after all, and it’s her Tardis. She used to have tea with Mary Poppins, before they had a falling out over Miss Frizzle’s reckless methods with her young companions.