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I get to start packing and cleaning in the middle of the day today because yesterday’s field trip to the beach in Maine gave me sun poisoning.

My face hurts. Is it killing you, too?

I’m glad I started with the bookshelves, because I unearthed three books on differentiation I must have bought in between this job and the last time I worked with youth directly — they’re new-looking, and I’ve never gotten to read them.  Instead of packing those I’m setting them aside to start in on them ASAP.

While it’s nice to know that staying home means more time for cold washcloths and aloe and general resting out of the sun, I would rather be at work with my kids.

Who are going to make fun of me mercilessly tomorrow since yesterday they all seemed to notice for the first time how accident-prone I am.  I already miss them and I haven’t left them yet — even though their greatest pastime is teasing.

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