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Gender Normativity Makes Me Nervous

So, as might be visible in that last photo, I had my hair cut pretty short.  My kids at the last program, when I told them I was going to cut it that short (they haven’t seen it yet), called it “boy hair.”

Today at my non-education-related job, at which I wear mostly men’s clothes because it’s easier to find the ones I need for the blue-collar work in men’s or unisex than women’s, I was called sir.

Three times.

By three different people in three different locations.

So now I’m worried.  I’m worried that if I go to a job interview in a pants suit it will be “obvious” who and what I am — or, that without seeing my name, I’ll be confusing.  I’m worried that if I wear a skirt I’ll look like a gentleman in a skirt.

This isn’t something there’s really any answer to, and it’s just a moment of concern and that will pass.  But it’s one I’m airing so that it WILL pass.  And were it not something I thought would potentially affect my job search, it wouldn’t matter to me at all.

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