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This is going to be a long post - I don’t really know where to start. I am trying to sift through hundreds of emails and messages about what happened at Perry Hall High School today. I am speechless and pretty much moved to tears. How is it that there is such a lack of SIMPLE HUMAN DECENCY AND KINDNESS toward one another? How does bullying reach THIS level?? Some people might think that bullying is only between two people and bystanders are not affected. Well that is crap! EVERYONE is affected. I am affected, YOU are affected. TWO lives have been hurt now…the shooter and the victim. RIDICULOUS! I can’t possibly yell it loud enough or say it often enough - BE KIND TO EACH OTHER! It’s EASY, it takes LESS ENERGY than being mean, it’s FREE, and it’s even a way to make YOURSELF feel better. BE KIND, BE KIND, BE KIND!!!! My saying is: YOU CAN BE A HERO TO SOMEONE WHO IS BEING BULLIED JUST BY BEING THEIR FRIEND!!! What if this kid had a friend to talk to??? The outcome may have been SO different. God Bless EVERYONE involved in this. While my foundation team prepares for another Pro Kindness Rally this fall, all I can do in the meantime is pray for everyone to stay safe, and BE KIND. BE the difference for someone!!!!

Ray Rice, running back on the Baltimore Ravens, speaking on Facebook about today’s shooting.

What a wonderful, wonderful man. Thank you.

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I’d promote this a second time if I could (I did not promote it).

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(via positivelypersistentteach)

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