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I somehow managed to avoid a shouting match with my parents over the CPS strike.

Oh, we argued, and I was spoken to very, ah, brusquely, and accused of “only seeing things from one side,” that being the side of the teachers.

Because the blurb on the evening news about it first noted that parents were making/going to “contingency plans,” which fine, didn’t come across that poorly.  But then a moment later emphasized the teachers, then the parents, then the number of kids that now have “nowhere to go.”

No mention of the administration.  No mention of the conditions that led to teachers striking.  Nothing. 

So I made a sharp remark about how it was framed as if it was teachers’ fault that the kids were going to have to be somewhere other than class — it made no mention, mind, that some schools would still be open for the sake of babysitting, by the way — and of course, it started.  Very nasty tones in my direction accusing me of not understanding what the parents have to deal with, and always being on one side, and there’s nothing wrong with the way they said it.

"Yes I’m getting angry, this is the same $%*@ they do all the time.  They’re trying to build a negative perception.  I KNOW people there, there are reasons —"

"They’re not doing anything, they’re just saying what happened."

"They’re framing it like its the teachers’ fault that these kids have ‘nowhere to go’."

"They’re not framing it like ANYthing, they just said that the parents have to deal with this now, and that’s true!"

"How do you not — the flow of their sentences CLEARLY IMPLICATES —"

”_____, you have NO idea.  You only see this from one side.  You don’t know what it’s like to have to deal with this as a parent.”

"Did they mention the administration ONCE?  Or WHY they’re striking?"

"It’s not ABOUT that, it’s just a BLURB!"

Okay, so the only reason it wasn’t a shouting match was because the volume didn’t actually reach shouting.  Luckily the oven beeped just in time, and I managed not to serve the dinner on their heads.

If there is anything I can do from NY aside from argue with people, I’m in.  Anything I can do, you name it.

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