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If you haven’t figured it out yet…..I’m a teacher.  I work for the Chicago Public Schools.  I’m going on strike for better schools.  

People keep saying I make too much money.  But educators NEVER enter this profession to make money.  Don’t listen to dirty, lying politicians.  They know nothing and would use the children I teach as canon fodder if they could (and do). 

I’m on strike because the children of Chicago deserve good teachers, clean and NOT overcrowded classrooms.  37 students + 1 teacher = disaster.

I’m on strike because Rahm Emanuel and his billionaire cronies want to institute MERIT pay.  If students fail standardized testing, teachers get paid a lower wage and eventually will lose their jobs.  No considerations are made for children who are poor, in gangs, homeless, or have lost parents to gang violence or drugs.  No considerations are made for children with special needs.  I say Merit Pay for politicians not teachers.

I’m on strike because my students deserve a nurse to work all week at our school instead of on Fridays for 2 hours.   My students deserve a full time counselor, social worker and audio/visual specialists.  Right now…..these statistics show for every 1000 students in CPS there is only 1 counselor. 

I’m on strike because Rahm Emanuel is instituting “wellness checks”  which is in direct violation of HIPAA privacy policies.  My body is my business not Rahm Emanuel’s.

I’m on strike because I’m tired of the corruption in this city.  With 6 billionaires running the Board of Education.  They care NOTHING about the children of the city of Chicago.  Especially the children of the south and west sides who can’t even walk to school without getting shot.  Emanuel stated that “25% of students in Chicago are destined to fail…I don’t give a fuck about them” to union president Karen Lewis during contract talks.  I care about them, Rahm.  I care.

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