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Hey all,

If you were hit hard by Sandy, we’re probably pretty close to one another geographically. We caught it too here; no power (or heat) for about a week, suspected, cellphone service is spotty across the island, ‘net is down.  Luckily no trees hit our house though that can’t be said of other people on the block.

If you find spots of internet, and you need help or camaraderie, I’m here (as much as Sandy has allowed).  If you were hit hard and you’re not that close to me you’ll be close to a handful of friends I have who were also hit hard.  So message me, or if you have my number text me, and if you don’t, I’ll find someone who doesn’t mind being the holder-of-my-phone-number (because I can’t really post it here) that people can ask if they can’t get it from me.

Be safe.  Be warm, if you can.  Layers are important, blankets are important.  Find someone to hug.  Hang in there.

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