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Think Progress: National Review: Newtown could have been avoided if a man was around





Yeah yeah, I know - don’t feed the trolls. But this is just beyond reprehensible. From Charlotte Allen, longtime antifeminist asshole, at the National Review Online:

There was not a single adult male on the school premises when the shooting occurred. In this school…

There was a man around. He’s the one who fucking killed everybody.


*angry angry angry face.gif*

My current day-job involves lots of physical work around lots of mechanics.

One of them made this suggestion — that it would have helped to have a male staff member there, and did we notice that they were all female, and that a man would have at least been able to intimidate him.

So I put down the windshield that I was carrying — you know, that piece of glass that goes in the front of your car — which happened to be about as big as I was, looked up at him and asked, “I’m sorry, do you think I couldn’t take you down if I needed to?”  (Most of the mechanics know that I’m actually looking to teach or do something at least related, especially involving kids.)

I have never seen anyone shut up so quickly. 

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    Revised title: Newton could have been avoided if no...specifically, no man called Adam...
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    …in which some dickhead suggests that if a couple of adult males were on campus at Newtown, tragedy could have been...
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    Yeah, it’s kind of a leap to claim that any man present would have changed the situation, but isn’t it kinda weird that...
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    In addition to what’s been said above: I’m not sure how Allen doesn’t understand this, but neither a penis nor being...
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