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Direction (RELIEF)

Miss N was an intern at our program, but when her term was up, she didn’t want to leave.  Instead she signed on as a paid volunteer for the rest of the school year.

She and I had a long talk about her Master’s program.  Apparently what I’m looking for is Social Work.  For a long time, I thought Social Work was intrinsically linked to CPS, positions in which I admire people for working, because I think that many of those positions would honestly destroy me. 

Actually, whereas Mental Health Counseling certification is nowhere near as versatile as I thought it might be, a Social Work degree could allow me to be placed in a school or have a private practice, work with students or families or returning veterans.

City Year has some amazing “Give a Year” partnerships with a number of colleges and universities.  If you give a year to City Year they help you get something back in the way of furthering your education, through scholarships and special considerations from these partner schools.  One of these is Boston University.

As far as I knew previously, I was moving to MA.  I was just not considering Boston.  I know no one there.  I’m not particularly fond of the city.  Don’t get me wrong — it is a beautiful, diverse city full of history and culture.  But coming from New York, something about it is just…strange.  There’s a lot of sky.  It’s a little bit too clean.  Things are condensed but also oddly spread out.  I really don’t know how to explain it; I’ve just never felt quite at ease there.

But through City Year, if I go to Boston University specifically for Social Work, I get 100% tuition for up to two years.  And, and, Boston U has a Trauma Certificate Program, training their Social Workers additionally in working with individuals recovering from chronic violence, natural disasters, and war zones.  (They also have an amazing set of Dual Degree programs through the school of Social Work, one of which includes Social Work and Education.  Because it must focus either on Special Education or Administration and Leadership, it isn’t going to suit my needs, but it’s something for interested parties out there to consider.  Hence the bold.)

Now it’s just a matter of getting in.  I’m going to have to apply for Spring entry, which may mean I’m here for another semester, which may also mean I’ll have to talk to my supervisor about signing on as staff at my program for that semester. 

There’s also the matter of living.  Things like food and shelter.  I would like if at all possible to take my cat with me, because when I was gone recently for a week she became incredibly depressed and wouldn’t let anyone near her, hiding in a spare room.  Can’t do that on campus.  So if anyone has any advice about living in the Boston area — places to try, places to avoid, etc. — I would be incredibly grateful for it.

But no jumping the gun.  This means…this means I can apply.  I have something definitive to apply to.  I have direction again.  This, this is a very good feeling.

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