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Giving this a try -- Lesson Plans and Reproducables for Using, Modifying, and Sharing

Also linked on my main page.

I have no idea if this is going to work well or not, but I do have a small collection of lesson plans I’ve had the pleasure of using in the classroom.  After using them I go back and add reflections, and in some cases rewrite them accordingly.  My hope is that by putting them up here for the rest of the #education group on Tumblr, they’ll get some more use, since I may not be in a classroom proper for…a while.

I’ll post tested and untested lessons, in both static and modifiable formats, as well as any edits anyone cares to send me, with credit/links, after using them and making their own improvements/modifications for their own use.  I’ll also post resources I’ve made myself (I’m in art/layout design among other things along with/when I’m not teaching) and eventually the lessons for which they were constructed, if applicable.

This is a rather harrowing thing for me as I am very self-conscious about my typical lesson plans in general, but I hope they can be useful to someone; there’s no point in letting them waste away on my hard drive.

(Excuse me if this is any level of incoherent; I just drove six hours to be with a friend of mine and it is two in the morning, but I was awake and wanted to get this done.)

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Hey all, I’d love to construct some more Grammar Games and the like but I’m not entirely sure what you’re doing in the classroom right now — at the moment, most of  the districts here are in the middle of their state tests, and curriculum boils down to review.  (Part of this is sheer curiosity — I love to know what people are doing in the classroom.)

What’s coming up?  What do you plan to teach next?  Or, for those who don’t necessarily have curriculum-planning power yet, what’s coming up next in your classroom?

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Using Newspapers in the Classroom

I’m writing up potential lesson plans for the peers in my Literacy Acquisition course to consider for using newspapers in the classroom — we have a lot of physical education majors in there, and I KNOW that they can make use of those, considering that I had to do newspaper article summaries whenever I missed gym for injuries.  When I get the work done that I have to hand in, I may post a slew of those ideas up here, for anyone who’s interested.  In the meantime, I’m wondering:

Who else uses newspapers in the classroom? 

What’s your favorite activity/lesson for using them in your class?

Does anyone make it a goal to use them on a semi-regular basis?

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