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A good friend of mine bought me “The Storymatic,” a card game similar to the great popsicle stick set-up I posted a little while ago, to use with my kids.

One word at a time over lunch eventually degraded into everyone shouting sentences.  The two character cards were “a person who is six inches tall,” and “someone who can talk to cows.”  The plot card was “bunnies, bunnies everywhere.”

This is what I ended up recorded of this ridiculous exchange.

Thumbelina Cheese jumped into the pool and bumped her head.  She hallucinates bunnies everywhere.  Then Ringo Starr tips a cow and Thumbelina screams because the cow falls on top of her.  Then Thumbelina Cheese had to go to the hospital. Thumbelina Cheese needs a shorter name.  TC (Thumbelina Cheese) yelled at the cow and bunnies jumped everywhere. “Get off me Bob Skittles, you big fat cow!”  Ringo Starr said, “Take THAT sister!  I got blisters on my fingers!”  His butt lit on fire because he was a liar and then Bob Skittles and TC watched fireworks.  The end.

I don’t even know, guys.  We did two more stories when we got back to the program space andthey actually somehow got weirderand yet far more coherent.

Sort of.

Well they’d gotten the hang of it anyway.

Every day at lunch we’re going to do another of these, and they seem to spill into after lunch too.  So after lunch, I (or my supervisor) will be recording the storytelling so that we can write it down and put it in an…anthology, of sorts, of absolutely ridiculous stories.  Here’s a hint as to the level of ridiculousness: one involved a twenty-humped unicorn-camel and a “poison sumac tree that sounds like George Harrison and has squid tentacles.”  The other was a drawn-out horror story that included a “blood monster” literally congealed from blood (“No violence, guys!” “No! He stepped on something and he was bleeding!” — the character cards noted that a character never wore shoes and I guess this was their cautionary tale) that may or may not give me nightmares.

So thank you, Devin.  You have now given us two gifts (the other was the Chat Pack for Kids) that they have been using excitedly every day this week.

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