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How to structure an online workshop vs. how not to structure an online workshop.

Because employment whisked me out of state, I’m finishing up my mandatory last pieces toward certification online.  The workshops in person are usually about three hours long, and online they’re structured as complete-at-your-own-pace courses that in theory shouldn’t take much longer.

Please, if you’re designing a mandatory workshop that’s supposed to give us background to make us better teachers, do not hand us nothing but twelve chapters (plus an introduction and a bonus chapter of hotline numbers) of text and then one or two cumulative quizzes.  The second workshop has literally no graphics, no separate documents, no articles, nothing.  It is one long scrolling collection of text occasionally divided into chapters, all of which run into one another with minimal distinction.

If you’re going to teach teachers, keep in mind that they still benefit from many of the same basic techniques you’d use when teaching kids.

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