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causeimleavinonajetplane asked: if you wouldn't have gone with teaching/psychology, what else would you have wanted to do in your life?

Comicker.  I was just telling a friend that I miss doing visual storytelling workshops with the kids I used to teach in the afterschool programs, and I’m in the middle of scripting a game that I’m half-dreading even attempting the character designs for, let alone trying to hone my digital skills to an even acceptable level in my free time.  Once in awhile I have daydreams about retiring and then going right back to school for illustration in traditional mediums.

Despite any frustration or identity crisis (“I thought I was a better artist than this,” “This idea started out so perfect what happened,” “Wasn’t I able to do more pages at once last time?”) I genuinely enjoy graphic storytelling.

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si-deus-si-dea asked: Ideal date?

— oh!  Oh, we’re going personal!  That’s…a delightful changeup, okay, well…

Well actually I’m sort of seeing someone…ish…just started, and they had a bit of a medical problem.  So honestly right now my ideal date would be having the time to just go over there and hang out at her place with her, make her a meal, and hang out playing board games and talking with a movie on or something.

In a more abstract less contextual sort, I’m really fond of being able to hang out on the floor with someone for hours, with all manners of art supplies and novels and comics and dishes and mugs on the rug or the kitchen tile.  It’s, admittedly, also a friend thing, but I like to imagine on an ideal date there might head heads on laps or something.  Props if it’s after work and we can talk about said work before moving on from it.

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'So what's going on with you?'

I haven’t been making many, if any, meaningful posts lately.  In fact, in the past week or so I’ve pretty much fallen off the map of this community, and haven’t even said two words to many of the people here that I care about and adore and wish were closer to me so we could talk more often and hang out and be ridiculous together. 

The blog is still active, but my energy and my heart has temporarily run out.  If you have questions for me related to…anything, really, ask me and I’ll answer and if I don’t know the answer I’ll research it and answer a bit later.  I may be attempting to design some materials for TeachersPayTeachers sometime in the future and if you saw anything here that you think people would want by all means give me a heads up.  Even though I haven’t really communicated well, if you want to say hi, I will try to get back into it.

This is just a message to those who are wondering, if you are wondering, what is going on, which is here below the cut.

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