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The kids will either begrudgingly get a kick out of me, or wish I’d just disappear.

I LOVE BAD JOKES. I tell one to my students everyday. What diid the buffalo say when his son left for school? Bison.

Hee hee hee!

I’m thinking of purchasing an additional white board, a small one, probably from the dollar store or something, to put up in the program space just for a daily cheesy joke.  This one…is definitely going to have to go up there.

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What do you call an alligator in a vest?

I love using bad jokes and puns with the youth I work with.  Icebreaking, diffusing an awkward or tense situation, making someone laugh when they’re down…they’re great tools, and I get a kick out of them.  You can even use some of them as crossword clues for filler or spelling words, or have students write their own when studying homonyms (or other language lessons that might lend to bad jokes).  We’re talking popsicle-sticks-and-laffy-taffy-wrappers bad.  A friend of mine calls them “groaners.” Do you tell jokes so bad your students are rolling their eyes before you even get to the punchline, out of sheer anticipation of a “groaner”?  Share your favorites!

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