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Today’s Presentations in Lit. Acq.: Highlights!

  • Prospective phys ed teacher walked us through what a gym class looks like, and did an excellent activity with Jack Prelusky’s poem “My Snake” where students used jump ropes (in our case, string) to make the letters of the alphabet.  Great idea for learners who need that tactile reinforcement.
  • Prospective social studies teacher did a very interesting activity in which students would read summaries of each decade in American history, then try to match famous photos with the decade they thought they came from.  Afterwards, the idea is to go over the symbolism of each photo and why they thought to match them with the decade.  The overall theme, she said, was to help students grasp the idea that people tend to have images and events burned into their mind for certain times in their own history.  Loved it.  (I do hope someone warns her, however — even just for her own sanity — that there will definitely be students in her classes, even at the high school level, that don’t know the meaning of “systematic persecution” right off the bat.)
  • Learned a little more about baseball with a fun compound word activity that left most of us floundering.  Are all those baseball terms really compound words?  I think that sport is going a little overboard.

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