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TDD: What are the essentials that you would recommend for a first-year teach to make sure she has at the beginning of the school year?


Specifically, a middle school math teacher, but you know. Anyone in general works, as well. :P

Support materials — workbooks, websites, manipulatives, plans — and knowledge from two years behind and two years ahead of the grade you’re teaching.  When I was working with middle schoolers on math, so many students either needed additional scaffolding or wanted to understand a concept in a way that touched on more advanced material!

And manipulatives can be so helpful at the middle school level.  I’m not sure why they’re not more common, at least around here.

We also had “rentable” flashcard packs — many of our students didn’t have their times tables down, or division, and it made more complex problems far more difficult.

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Today is a Teacher Dare Day


When a Teacher Dare Day is announced from this blog:

  1. Reblog the announcement!
  2. Ask one question related to education on your tumblr for your followers to answer.  Post the responses in one single post later.
  3. Ask at LEAST 2 of the tumblrs in the education community a question in their ask box. It does not have to be related to education.

Please tag your posts as “teacher dare day”.

You do not need to be a teacher to participate.

The purpose is to help the education community get to know each other, as well as provide opportunities to learn from each other.  

I figured we could use one of these.   I encourage you to reach out to some tumblrs you are less familiar with or are newer.  I hope the new people will join in by answering posted questions, asking questions on their tumblr, and asking questions of other bloggers.  Please remember to use the #education tag and #tdd or #teacher dare day so we can find the posts.

Hit me up, all, the inbox is open for business.

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paeacefuleyes asked: TDD Truth- As someone with a psychology and education background, what are your big life plans? (I have a similar background and am working on developing my own big life plans) Dare- Respond to a post in pig latin! :)

Right now I’m trying to be as flexible and open with my big life plans as possible, pieces of which don’t have anything to do with my education or career.  (Also, yaaaay similar background buddies!)  My professional plans might involve getting a classroom teaching position or an interventionist position — I would love to get an interventionist position. It could mean getting more education and becoming a social worker or counselor.  Originally I said that if I did the latter it would be either for kids or veterans, but with some of the issues my kids have brought to me at my current program, I think if I went the counseling route I would do so to serve veterans, probably through a VA hospital.  (It isn’t that I can’t stomach some of the issues so much that it sometimes feels like the only way to make things better is to remove them from their situation entirely.  And that’s not always plausible OR the best option.)  I’ve also always found educational psychology very interesting, and would find that research field fascinating.

Then, I mean…I want to adopt from the foster system.  I also really, really want a partner to spend my life with, which isn’t something you say on the first date.  That one isn’t a priority for me right now so much as something I’d like eventually.

So I guess life plans are: change the world, be a parent, find someone to do all that with.

Oh, and learn more.  If I had unlimited funds I’d take so many courses, just for the sake of taking them.  I didn’t realize I love psychology at my first college (I transferred; the educational environment there was wrong for me), and as it turns out they have an AMAZING set of undergraduate neurobio courses, and since I’m certainly not at the level for graduate coursework in that in particular I guess a silly dream would be to take the whole gamut of undergrad over there.

What are YOUR plans?

Dare: So taking this one.  Just not for this post because it would have been so difficult to read!  And now everyone will know why I will randomly be writing in pig latin…

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Tomorrow, Wednesday August 1, will be Teacher Truth or Dare Day.





Truths will operate as usual dare day.   Here are the rules.

Dares: You may put requests in people’s asks.  For example, I dare Pablo to build a fort with his wife in their new house.  You have the right to not do a dare without any peer pressure.  For example, I will not post a picture of how messy my room is right now.

Get on it.

Hooray! Send me questions and dares! Can’t wait for tomorrow! (sorry about all the exclamation points)

Send the truths and dares my way friends! I’m deciding on my question now!

Seriously guys, there’s only 48 minutes of Wednesday left, what’s keeping you?

Ah, all that time difference!

I’m in, I just can’t do or answer until I get home from work!

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TDD: Do you provide pencils for your students? If so, how?


I know this seems like a silly question, but:

  1. Continually buying pencils is expensive, man;
  2. so it’s best to have a way to keep them in the classroom
  3. and I saw some pretty neat methods when I was a substitute.

When I was working in a second-grade class in Little Rock, they seemed to have the best method I’ve seen yet.  There was a bucket in the middle of every table for students’ folders, for common worksheets, and for pencils/scissors/glue sticks. 

Either the school or the teacher bought the pencils in a bulk box — I’m not sure who supplied them specifically — in the solid yellow.  Each morning before school started, and during recess, the batch of pencils at the desk would be sharpened, replenished, or replaced.  If a student wanted to bring or use a special pencil (usually ones earned from the principal by doing good deeds), they needed to keep it in their seat sack, not in the bucket.

Pencils rarely went missing, and because they were all common property and looked the same none of the students fought over whose was whose.  They shared them all.  It was beautiful.

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